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How We Began
If you’re looking for new, use, vintage and collectable trolling lures from Hawaii, congratulations you have found the right place! You can choose from over 40 lure makers and the largest selection of new and used lures with lures added weekly! 

Big Game Lures Hawaii was founded in 2018 by me, Sylvie Madison, a few years after I moved to Kailua Kona. I had been living in  Phuket, Thailand for 14 years.  I am originally from California.

While in Thailand I worked as a scuba instructor and always loved the ocean. It wasn’t until moving to Kona that I was introduced to Big Game Fishing and of course, the lures…! 

I had previously founded and operated (and sold) a successful online store in Thailand, so I knew I wanted to start an online business again when I moved here, and was searching for the right niche.

I was selling stuff on Ebay and realized there was a huge demand for Hawaiian lures after having bought a few at a yard sale. This was how my husband I were introduced to big game fishing. Needless to say we were hooked. 

We also developed a greater understanding about the pride of catching one’s own food, and how big game fishing and conservation can go hand-in-hand. 

Kailua Kona IS the trolling lure and blue marlin capital of the world and I realized I had opportunities here unavailable anywhere else. I set out to learn as much as I could. This included  meeting lure makers (and fishing with them)  hearing the salty stories and learning about the rich history of big game fishing.

Big Game Lures Hawaii was started because I knew I could offer something different, a larger variety  and great prices!  It also offered me a way to sell  Hawaiian made products, promote Kona fishing and give more exposure to Hawiian lure makers.

I have been fortunate and privileged to get to know legendary lure makers, veteran captains, old school fishermen, lure aficionados a whom have educated me and generously shared their stories and knowledge – and still continue to do so.

My aim is also to share the stories, information and history that I have discovered here.

I have curated a vast collection of trolling lures to sell and continue to add to our inventory. Only about 15% of our total inventory is online at the moment.

I am working diligently to get listings up more quickly, you can find  new listings weekly so check back often!


For those you who love vintage lures please be sure and check out our Facebook Group dedicated to lure identification Vintage Trolling Lures – Identification, Discussion & History.  

Feel free to post photos and ask questions. Some of my go-to experts are active in the group.


My goal is to spread the treasure trove of lures and knowledge found in Kona, offer personalized service, the largest selection of new and used lures and share some of the of sports fishing history and expertise from Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Glad you found Big Game Lures Hawaii!