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75-5995 Kuakini Hwy Ste 323, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, United States
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What does OM stand for? Om, or Aum, is c​onsidered to be the very first sound of the universe, and is said to have powerful transformative powers when said aloud or chanted. Simply put, it represents the union of mind, body and spirit.  It can elevate consciousness and deepen focus.  It is energy, knowledge, truth, the ultimate state of bliss and the highest state of mindfulness. 

M​y mission is to EDUCATE clients by sharing my knowledge, to EMPOWER them to reach for more, and to witness them EVOLVE to their fullest potential. I specialize in small group classes focusing on core training, spinal mobility and postural awareness. These are keys to a healthy lifestyle. And, I love what I do!