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66-1250 Lalamilo Farm Road, Kamuela, HI 96743, United States
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A Warm Aloha from the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company

We strive to produce the world’s most exquisite, gourmet honey varieties.
We spare no expense and pay meticulous attention to detail to bring you raw, certified organic honey from rare Hawaiian nectar sources. We also go to great lengths to implement business practices that are healthy for the environment and local community. Whether you’re looking for a pure monofloral honey, a blend of tropical nectars or our culinary infusions, we have what you need to make a lasting, savory impression. Be sure to read our suggestions on pairings for each honey variety.

The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company owes its existence to a single 1000 acre Kiawe forest on the dry side of the Island of Hawai’i. Kiawe (pronounced “kee ah’ vay”) is the Hawaiian name for a species of mesquite (Prosopis pallida) that is native to Ecuador and Peru. We produce the world’s rarest gourmet honey from these special trees.

Our Kiawe Honey is unique in that it naturally crystallizes into a very creamy white honey with a very delicate tropical flavor. To produce comparable texture with other honey varieties, a machine must be used to grind the crystals, something we never do at the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company. Not only is our Kiawe honey raw, but it is Certified 100% Organic by the International Certification Services, Inc.